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To produce the type of magazine that needs to be produced in order to create the same premium and profound experiences as our self-declared arch enemies, JacobinMag, we have some expenses. Until we have the subscriber base to really have the revenue (and the case for advertising partnerships) to fund our goals, dreams, and ambitions, we really need help.

These types of ambitious projects don’t fund themselves. And besides the magazine, we want to improve our podcast and continue the quality and exclusive written output. 

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The below features are coming soon. Check back March 15th!



1- JacobinMag Archives
2- Democracy: The God that Failed
3- Transcripts of AL Podcast

4- Most recent ALMag interview audio



1- JacobinMag Archives
2- Democracy: The God that Failed
3- Transcripts of AL Podcast

3- All ALMag interview audio
4- All AL book audio summaries



1- Standard, plus:
2- Catalyst Journal Archives
2- Mises Institute’s Human Action Podcast Transcripts
3- Magazine Feedback Requests
4. See portions of the magazine in progress

Benefit Descriptions

The primary purpose of AL supporters is to fund the Magazine costs. But we also want to express our gratitude with a few perks, described here:

Jacobin Archives

We started ALMag because we wanted to compete. Until we get in trouble, feel free to see what the enemy is up to.

Democracy eBook

This book is hard to find and has never actually been made into an ebook. Well we did it. And you can access it here.

Transcripts of AL Podcast

Most AL podcasts will be transcribed for paying supporters. This is great for those episodes you want to search through later on.

ALmag interview audio

Every issue, we record our exclusive interview that we later publish in print. But supporters get the audio versions as well.

book audio summaries

A very exciting feature: think Blinkist, but for books relevant to this site’s content. Chapter by chapter summaries of AL classics!

catalyst archives

Catalyst is the academic sister publication of JacobinMag. It’s analogous to Mises’ Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Mises' HA podcast transcript

We are glad to see the Mises Institute’s in depth conversations related to economics. You get the transcripts, exclusive to us!

magazine feedback

You get to help. You get to give us feedback and help us build. Usually companies pay for help. But you are paying us this time. LOL.

magazine progress updates

Every week, we are doing something in preparation for upcoming issues of the magazine and you can track with us.

Why you should support

To make a more impassioned and heartfelt plea for funding, I want to emphasize the extent to which I believe this is a fruitful use of your resources. It’s not just content for the sake of content that the libertarian world needs in the era of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We need something that appeals to our generation. The content needs to be offered uniquely. Increasingly, we are seeing that Blogspots and WordPresses and so on have their limits. There are so many. The world is screaming. Here is our elegant and sophisticated whisper.


To produce a quality print magazine that is worth buying, we need the content to be an experience. The visuals are just as important as the content, especially in print.


We believe that the experience of holding a premium publication in hand is in demand. This means that we need to print these high quality issues, which can be over 100 pages.


We also want to spend funds on exclusive, heavily researched investigated content at least once per issue. This does take considerable financial resources.


The more content we create and pay for, the more we will need knowledgable and competent editorial support. And someone else to help with emails. PLZ.


We want to work our way up to $.25/word for magazine contributions. That’s $1k for a 4k word piece. We are looking to contract with like-minded people, such as Mises Alumni.

THe interview

Our vision of producing a 5000+ exclusive, in depth, and long form interview requires travel expenses, probably paying the interviewee, and the time to produce the content.

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