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Episode 5

Peter Klein on Austrian Entrepreneurship Theory

Peter touches on a number of issues relating to the contributions of the Austrian School in the realm of entrepreneurial theory. We relate the Misesian role of the entrepreneur to Mises’ distinction of profit vs. bureaucratic management.

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Episode 3

Historical Elements of the War on Drugs

Chris Calton joins us to discuss the historical aspects of the war on drugs. We cover some of the motivations for increased government involvement, specific moments of importance in US drug war history, and why it is important to understand the development of the Federal Government’s relationships with drugs.

Episode 3

Episode 2

The Conservative Approach to War

Ben Lewis and C.Jay get into the conservative case against war and help offer some guidance to those libertarians who interact with people on the right. Many on the right are completely perplexed, today, about the very idea of being even hesitant toward war. But we think there is an important case to be made for being an “antiwar conservative.”

Episode 2

Episode 1

Praxeology and Empirical Evidence

Don’t call it a comeback. In a renewed attempt to host a podcast, C.Jay looks into the relationship between praxeological propositions and so-called empirical evidence 

Episode 1



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