Looking For Blog Contributors

Looking For Blog Contributors

My vision for the AustroLibertarian website is to have the primary site be dedicated to longer articles, published 3-5 per week which has at its content longer contributions and reflections on a range of political, economic, and sociological issues.

I also have ideas for some media efforts, which will come soon.

For now, I am looking for contributors for the AustroLibertarian blog, which is a distinct feed from the AustroLibertarian main site. I want this one to be a little less edited and more raw. I envision very short pieces, quick thoughts, quotes, graphics, things like that. Like Facebook posts. Ideally, I’d have 2-3 posts on here per day, which means I may need 5-7 contributors, plus myself.

If you are very familiar with Austrian economics, libertarianism, and so on, feel free to send me an email: cjay [at] cjayengel [dot] com. I prefer people who have done their fair share of writing, who really are well read in the Misesian, Rothbardian, Hoppean literature, and have the time to make at least 1-2 blogposts per week.

CJay Engel

Creator and Editor of Austro Libertarian. Lives in Northern CA, runs several businesses, spends time with his family, and reads as much economics and political theory as possible.