"I endorse Austro Libertarian Magazine 100%" —Tom Woods


A quarterly print publication, filled with original content, and toward the advancement of our libertarian cause.

"I endorse Austro Libertarian Magazine 100%" —Tom Woods


A quarterly print publication, filled with original content, and toward the advancement of our libertarian cause.
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You’ve heard us talk about the Austro Libertarian Magazine for long enough and so, before you storm our gates in protest, we are happy to announce through exhaustion and anticipation for what is to come, that the inaugural first issue is ready for access. You can even look at a sample by going to AustroLibertarian.com/SampleMag. And of equal importance, you’ll find this post on the motivation for the magazine, interesting.

Below are a few notes and words of guidance for your (and our) AL Magazine journey.

Of immediate note, we are making this up as we go. We made some mistakes. We don’t know what they are yet. If we did, we would have fixed them. Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback and want to encourage you to let us know what we can do to improve. You can message us on Facebook, fill out the contact form, email us at almag [at] cjayengel.com, comment on this post. If you send hate mail, we prefer you to be as loony and outraged as possible so we can make fun of you in the Spring issue.

We are immensely excited about our vision here. As we have stated ad nauseam, we are seeking to create a publication which serves as a bridge between the level of content put out on the Mises Wire, and the academic material that is published in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. We are analogous to, or at least we will have to work up to it, JacobinMag– the elegant and sophisticated commie rag. Jacobin sits between general online articles and the much more academic Marxist journal Catalyst.

This magazine is not intended merely to be the same type of material that is just found at a regular libertarian website. While we are still working to perfect the art of essays, commentary, and reflections that are elegant and graceful, that flow with a pleasant sort of prose, we aim to make this one of our core focuses. This should be kept in mind not only for readers considering whether to support the cause, but also for those considering whether they’d like to contribute. We want these to be sophisticated, though not necessarily dry and academic (though perhaps an essay or two like this will make their way into each issue– especially in the columns related to the development and application of theory).

We are attracted to the idea of the post-political, of critical commentary that extends beyond merely the happenings of the government-driven world around us. We believe that social and cultural analysis, commentary on the world around us, is a great conservative balance to our ideological rigor that constitutes our political theory. We live in a time that sometimes feels like a great upheaval, full or tension and strife; and sometimes feels like great achievement and possibility. We want to carry a demeanor that is able to interact with both of these sentiments; as, if we are honest with ourselves, we all face by the day.

Imagine then a quarterly printed, 100+ page, half-magazine, half-journal, filled with the exact content you feel is missing in the world. Theory, history, development of society, cultural meta-analysis, Misesian Economics, and so on. It’s really a remarkable idea. And we need your help to pull this off.

Miscellaneous Details

You can view the magazine page at austrolibertarian.com/magazine. Your account is very, very simplistic. Once you have an account, the only real reason to login is to access the magazine– at least for now. Very soon, we will also have premium content that is exclusive to subscribers on a week by week basis as well. You can login by clicking account option in the menu. Or you can go straight to the issue archives page and you will be prompted to login while trying to download an issue. Once you click download and/or are logged in and looking at the account box, you can also download the recent issues right there on the “downloads tab.”

We are a Print + Digital publication. This means that you will be receiving all future issues directly in your mailbox. Unless the deliverer sees it’s an AL Mag and takes it for himself, which is possible. However, for this practice issue, we have stated from the beginning that numero uno was digital only. This means that your first delivery will take place in the spring (don’t worry, if you signed up for print a year ahead, you will not be renewed until spring 2020– you’ll still get four issues before paying again). If you signed up for just the digital edition, a strict application of inductive reasoning should inform you that you are exempt from this announcement regarding the print.

Here is a contributions page for anyone interested in potentially writing on the site or even for the magazine itself. Feel free to read through it and get to know what we are looking for– more announcements on this front to come next week!

Another item worth mentioning is that we are affiliates with Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom and you can get a free subscription if you sign up for his program via our link– austrolibertarian.com/woods. Here is your fine print on this offer: If you sign up for the Basic packages, you get a year’s digital Magazine subscription. If you sign up for the Master, you get one year’s print subscription + LIFETIME digital access to AL Mag.

Rothbard, always the prophet.

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CJay Engel

Creator and Editor of Austro Libertarian. Lives in Northern CA, runs several businesses, spends time with his family, and reads as much economics and political theory as possible.

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