Introduction to Economics Class

As I posted in the Reformed Libertarian group, I was asked by a local Christian private academy to teach an Honors Economics course, with special emphasis on the Christian worldview. This class is for Juniors and Seniors. I start this class Friday afternoon, Sept 7 (the day I am creating this page). As I was creating the presentations and lecture notes for myself, I realized that since I am doing all this anyway, I ought to offer it to more people.

The students are paying several hundred dollars for the semester, so I’ll just make it $45 for now if you sign up here. I am using the very same slides from the class but after asking about recording the class, I was told they would appreciate it if I didn’t. Definitely going to respect their decision. However, I am certainly allowed to video record all the content separately and these videos will be released each week after I teach. So whoever signs up for these gets the benefit of me already having gone through it once.

If you sign up before the first video release (next Friday), it’s $45 and you can access each video as it becomes available OR you can just come back to download/view them all whenever you want. However, once I get through a few classes I am going to raise the price for future access to this series.

If this goes well, I will also be recording a political theory one as well, since the school asked me to do that in the spring. Whoever signs up now gets a discount on that one.

Course Description

(Taken from the school’s advertisement, which I wrote)

This one semester introduction to economics class will take the student through a handful of economic themes from the historical and philosophical development of economic thought to the terms and concepts that are prevalent today. Economics is ultimately an investigation into the implications of mankind’s ability to make decisions in a world of scarce resources and one of the primary roles of this class is to help the students learn how to think about economic matters. Whereas many people think of economics as heavily focused on arcane mathematics and complicated equations, this class is more accurately thought of as an attempt to understand economic theory as it was once taught, using reason and logic. Based on the principles we develop, we will look at both how an economy functions under complete laissez-faire conditions, and then consider, based on our economic theory, the effects of government intervention and control.

This course will address topics such as:

  • The historical development of economics as a distinct science. Will touch on:
    • The Spanish Scholastics | The French Physiocrats | The Classical Economists | The Neo-Classicalists | The Marxists | The Austrian School | The Keynesian Revolution | Modern Monetarism (The Chicago School) | Modern Supply/Demand Side debates
  • The development of economic principles
  • Human Action and its implications
  • The Law of Marginal Utility
  • Labor, Value, Consumer vs. Producer Goods
  • The historical debates regarding: private property, nature of value, the origination of exchange, and concept of money
  • How prices are formed on the market: supply and demand
  • Production vs. consumption and the origin of interest rates
  • The role of the entrepreneur in an uncertain and changing world
  • The theory of money and banking
  • The market vs. state interventionism vs. socialism
  • Economics and the modern system: the role of the US government and institutions
  • Economics and modern politics: thinking rationally and biblically about economic issues

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