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Summer | 2019

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What Came Before

1. Crisis and Utopia
(Chris Calton)
2. Why Stalin?
(Gabriel McCray)
3. The Fighting Spirit of Pranas Padalis
(John Padalis)
4. Weaknesses of Soviet Russia
(Pranas Padalis)
5. Lingering Effects
(Vytautas Žukauskas)

Our Present Era

1. On the Inhumanity of Socialism
(Ben Lewis)
2. Marxism and the Crisis of Modernity
(Zachary Garrett)
3. Our Political World
(Mitchell Thompson)


1. Editorial
2. Timeline:Socialist Calculation Debate
3. Deaths under Socialism: A Visual

Economic Themes

1. Austrians on the Socialist Front
(Kristoffer Hansen)
2. The End of Marxian Exploitation Theory
(Karl-Friedrich Israel)
3. Our Paper-Pushing Proletariat
(George Pickering)
1. Recession Ahead?
(Ryan Griggs)

Politics and Movements

1. From Capital to Consumption
(Rocco Stanzione)
2. Must They Own the Tools?
(Bradley Thomas)
3. Review of Bhaskar Sunkara's Socialist Manifesto
(C.Jay Engel)
4. Review of Michael Malice's The New Right
(Jared Lovell)


With Gene Epstein

From the Issue: Afterward

This summer 2019 issue was a tremendous effort, we’re all feeling it. As our third issue, second in print, we recognize that we have come further than we anticipated in less than a year. The January issue was a complete practice trial: nobody involved at the time had any experience whatsoever in the creation of a magazine; and there were spelling and grammatical errors galore. The spring was even more teeth clenching. We had additional editorial and layout/ design help but I was making it up as I went and therefore sporadic in how I incorporated everyone’s assistance. To make matters even more stressful, our initial print experience was a complete bomb and within the span of seven days we had to find a new printer and rush the job.

The product came out marvelous, however, and we knew we could really do this. Our print trial run was a smash hit with the subscribers and we completely sold out. While everyone (perhaps myself most of all) realized there were imperfections, it served perfectly as a proof of concept: our words and ideas were finally unveiled in a product.

But we don’t just want to create a print publication for itsown sake. If content was all that mattered, blogs and websites service this purpose just fine. We want to create an experience. This experience needs to mix the proper aesthetic with the array of high quality up-and-coming thinkers and writers in the greater Austro-libertarian fold. We want them to have a home here, to feel eager to contribute to a principled publication that is worth their time in an academic environment that is immensely hostile to their interpretation of the world.

Just as importantly, these are the writers and thinkers that are capable of digging into the literature and contributions of the past and bringing them to life for the modern lay reader. There aren’t many who have the mentality and stamina to do this difficult and excruciating task, but those readers new to our ideas will most certainly benefit from the translation and restatement of these writings. We must not let them be lost; it must always be remembered that this publication stands on the shoulders of giants. 

And in this issue, we have made grand steps toward that end.As most readers are aware, I do not shy away from repeating the extent to which I was motivated to produce something after seeing the successes of Jacobin magazine, the socialist left’s own elegant and insufferable publication. Comparing our round three with theirs is a pleasing exercise.

Now, I’m going to once again hint at the future of this magazine. Last issue, I was convinced that Austro Libertarian as a name puts a ceiling on our audience. It is perfect for where we are, but not where we need to be: 40,000 subscribers. We have obsessed over the name change for months. We are very confident that we will land with “Bastion,” as a reference to our conviction that there is something that still remains in Western thought worth saving from the socio-intellectual revolution on the far left.

Until the Fall, 
C.Jay Engel

"Read AL Mag." –Ghandi