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An editorial, which sets the overall demeanor for our introductory issue


Making the case for uniting Austro-Libertarianism into a single label


On challenging the narratives of our time and becoming better dissenters


The statism of modern conservatism and hedonism of pop-libertarianism


An overview of a key schism within the greater Austrian tradition


A conversation with Peter Klein on Austrian entrepreneurship theory

From the Editor

How does one introduce a print magazine in the digital era? Clearly, we ought to steer clear of grandiose visions of future success, or fantasies of changing the world. Such non-utopian realism fits us; for, with our Austro-Libertarian ideology we combine a certain demeanor of caution and prudence. It’s not just our politics and economics, but our social and cultural outlook, that is resolutely anti-Jacobin. Leftists of all stripes are sure to dismiss us as reactionaries.

In any case, one clear aspect of our endeavor suggests that there is still a market for substantive critical commentary, for long-form reflection on the world as it is. We realize that memes are the contemporary pamphlets of revolution, and we respect our brethren who labor in the meme-factories across the West. And yet, here we are. Say a quick prayer for us. We don’t know what we’re doing.

Well, this isn’t exactly true. We recognize a handful of trends and developing mentalities that have inspired this effort. For starters, there’s a growing desire to temporarily tune out, often from sheer exhaustion, social media and the daily barrage of blogs and repetitive articles — to hold something in hand once in a while.

Beyond this, there is increasing appeal to the idea of the “post-political.” Obviously, politics enters our minds. We are, after all, lorded over by a swarm of supercilious buffoons who operate under the profoundly inaccurate label of “representatives.” We therefore heartily endorse the growing mentality of existence beyond the political. And thus, we intend to balance our coverage of the political with the cultural, and with meta-analysis.

We envision a quarterly printed publication that covers a broad range of subjects— economic theory, political and legal theory, social frameworks, history, and cultural analysis. Our economics, which we hold as a value-free science, are Austrian; or more specifically, Mengerian, Böhm-Bawerkian, and Misesian. Our political theory is rights-based; Libertarian in the Rothbardian, Hoppean, anarcho-capitalist strain. Our social outlook is biased toward the traditional, toward the established, and the natural order of things. We offer the perfect blend, by our own standards of judgement, of appreciation for the past and acceptance of the progress enabled by the rise of capitalism in the West.

–C.Jay Engel

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