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What is this site all about?

The goal of this site is to advance the Austro-Libertarian tradition of economic and political thought, especially as it has been articulated by Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Additionally, separate from libertarianism technically defined, this site also tends to favor culturally traditional western mores and mannerisms in contrast with left-libertarianism.

What's with the site name?

The phrase Austro-Libertarian has appeared often in the literature produced especially by those scholars nd theorists associated with the indispensable Mises Institute. It is an intentional attempt to express commitment to two distinct bodies of thought, both of which conclude that individual liberty based on private property is the key component and foundation for all civilization. They are two distinct bodies of thought because there are two different fields of study at play: the first being economics and the second being political philosophy.

What is meant by Libertarianism

We adhere to the tradition of libertarianism as advanced by Murray Rothbard. The definition of Rothbardianism is the legal theory (which has political ramifications) which holds that no man may initiate aggression, or threat to initiate aggression, against the property of another human being, lest he engage in criminal behavior. That is to say, under the libertarian legal theory, a criminal is defined as one who breaches the above described “Non-Aggression Principle.”

What is Austrian Economics?

The economics of the Austro-Libertarian is that of the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics. The Austrian School of economics refers to a certain “school of thought” in regards to economic theory that has its roots in the economic theorists who came out of Austria in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Austrian School’s methodology of focusing on the implications of human beings acting purposefully to achieve their ends is the foundation of all its other contributions.

Are you cultural conservatives?

We agree with Hans Hoppe that conservatism (which tends to be “empiricistic, sociological, and descriptive”) focuses on “families, authority, communities, and social ranks” while libertarianism (which is “rationalistic, philosophical, logical, and constructivist”) focuses on the “concepts of property, production, exchange, and contract.”  And therefore the former is the “concretization” of the latter, complementary, but distinct.

What's With the Chess Pieces?

Over the course of the next few years, one aspect of our vision for the site is to advance Rothbardian-Hoppean thought as a strategy for liberty. All movements must deal with both theory and strategy, the first being the pure intellectual arsenal that we ought to promote and defend. The second constitutes out path forward, how we reach our ideal; or at least, how we work to trend in that direction. Chess is recognized as a deeply strategic game and as we grow, we hope to adopt more of this imagery.

Who's On the Team

Founder | Chief Editor

C.Jay Engel

C.Jay is founder and primary editor of AL. He is fascinated by a broad range of topics from economics and political theory to history and culture. He has been published at Mises.org, LRC, David Stockman, and manages his personal blog cjayengel.com.  He lives in N. California with his wife and three children.

Managing Editor

Mitchell Thompson

Mitch works and lives in northern CA with his wife and children. He is the primary contact at AL and is the go to person for questions and inquiries. He enjoys reading political and cultural theory and loves being alone among the trees with his Labrador.


Trey Smith

Trey is an attorney practicing in Kentucky and Ohio. He received his bachelor’s of science in accounting and law degree from the University of Kentucky. He lives on a farm in eastern Kentucky with his wife and three children.


Ben Lewis

Ben is a writer with a focus on history and the intersection of libertarianism and cultural conservatism. His works have been featured in such online outlets as the Tenth Amendment Center and Patriot Post. He lives in Ohio with his wife and three children.

Creative Director

Hannah Sproul

Hannah is a professional artist with a passion for clean, sophisticated designs. Her work has been featured by the Walt Disney Company, and can be seen at her website, hannahsproul.com. She lives in Nevada with her husband and two dogs.


Want to Help?

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There are basically two types of content on Austro Libertarian: 1) Free articles and 2) Premium Magazine content. It would be great if we could pay for everything we publish, but until we have more funding or Friedrich Engels writes us a check, we can only pay for the Premium content. But nevertheless, we are growing in our reach and would love to feature solid AL-related content, written by you!

We are looking for content in the main categories, which can be found at the top of this page. All content should be within the traditions related to Austrian Economics, Rothbardian political theory, Old Right US political culture, Hoppean Old World social analysis, and revisionist history. All contributions, unless and until we approve you to be an editor, are subject to the oversight of our editors.

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