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This website takes its name from the combining reference to the radical free market economic tradition known as the “Austrian School” and the radical property rights-based political theory known as “libertarianism.” Our own social inclinations tend toward what might be considered a traditional rightism, over against the prevailing leftism of our age.

Our primary aim is to advance the tradition of economic, social, and political thought, as it has been articulated by Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Misesian | Rothbardian | Hoppean

Misesian | Rothbardian | Hoppean

Advancing the




We adhere to the tradition of libertarianism as advanced by Murray Rothbard. The definition of Rothbardianism is the legal theory (which has political ramifications) which holds that no man may initiate aggression, or threat to initiate aggression, against the property of another human being, lest he engage in criminal behavior. That is to say, under the libertarian legal theory, a criminal is defined as one who breaches the above described “Non-Aggression Principle.”

Austrian Economics

The economics of the Austro-Libertarian is that of the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics. The Austrian School of economics refers to a certain “school of thought” in regards to economic theory that has its roots in the economic theorists who came out of Austria in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Austrian School’s methodology of focusing on the implications of human beings acting purposefully to achieve their ends is the foundation of all its other contributions.

Social Norms

While outside the realm of our “ideology,” we also have a tendency on this site against the cultural left. While we believe that libertarianism qua libertarianism strictly regards the legitimacy of coercion in society, we also have extra-libertarian biases toward traditional cultural norms. We are not egalitarians and we dissent from the modern love-affair with democracy as an ideal end. We are not enthusiasts for alternative lifestyles and cultural upheaval against various traditional social institutions and norms. 

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The AL Magazine Team

Founder | publisher | Chief Editor

C.Jay Engel

is founder and primary editor of AL. Owns several business and has been published at Mises.org, LRC, David Stockman.

Contributing Editor

Chris Calton

Chris is a 2018 Mises Institute Research Fellow and hosts the Mises Institute’s Historical Controversies podcast.

Content Strategist

Jared Lovell

Jared earned his BA in history and political science from Marywood University and his JD from Oak Brook College of Law. He resides in Northeast PA with his wife and three children. He teaches history and economics at Memoria Press Online Academy. A Tory Anarchist, his favorite areas of study include British history, traditionalist conservatism, and Austrian economics.


Zach Garrett

Zach Garrett is an attorney practicing in Chicago, Illinois. He received his bachelor of arts degree in philosophy and political science from Hope College and his law degree from the University of Michigan Law School. He lives in Chicago with his wife.


Trey Smith

Trey is an attorney practicing in Kentucky and Ohio. He received his bachelor’s of science in accounting and law degree from the University of Kentucky. He lives on a farm in eastern Kentucky with his wife and three children.


Ben Lewis

Ben is a writer with a focus on history and the intersection of libertarianism and cultural conservatism. His works have been featured in such online outlets as the Tenth Amendment Center and Patriot Post. He lives in Ohio with his wife and three children.

Creative Director (AL Magazine)

Hannah Sproul

Hannah is a professional artist with a passion for clean, sophisticated designs. Her work has been featured by the Walt Disney Company, and can be seen at her website, hannahsproul.com. She lives in Nevada with her husband and two dogs.

Graphic Design (AL Magazine)

Daniel van Straaten

Daniel is a free lance graphic designer who has participated in a variety of different projects. He is helping with the layout needs ALMag and focuses on the organization and presentation of the content in the issues.

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