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Looking For Blog Contributors
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My vision for the AustroLibertarian website is to have the primary site be dedicated to longer articles, published 3-5 per week which has at its content longer contributions and reflections on a range of political, economic, and sociological issues.

I also have ideas for some media efforts, which will come soon.

For now, I am looking for contributors for the AustroLibertarian blog, which is a distinct feed from the AustroLibertarian main site. I want this one to be a little less edited and more raw. I envision very short pieces, quick thoughts, quotes, graphics, things like that. Like Facebook posts. Ideally, I’d have 2-3 posts on here per day, which means I may need 5-7 contributors, plus myself.

If you are very familiar with Austrian economics, libertarianism, and so on, feel free to send me an email: cjay [at] cjayengel [dot] com. I prefer people who have done their fair share of writing, who really are well read in the Misesian, Rothbardian, Hoppean literature, and have the time to make at least 1-2 blogposts per week.