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The Revolutionary Essence of the State

The Quest for Community: A Study in the Ethics of Order and Freedom, by Robert Nisbet The argument of this book is that the single most decisive influence upon Western social organization has been the rise and development of the centralized territorial state. You will get no argument from me. But why? What influences brought […]

Epater le Bourgeois!

Epater le Bourgeois is, as Charles Burris phrases it, “the revolutionary rallying cry of the left.” It is French and it is translated to mean “shock the bourgeoisie.” To make it more applicable to our setting, the strategy can be slightly altered to be “shock the middle classes.” The Oxford Reference site expands on this […]

Thomas Sowell on “Atomistic” Libertarians

By Ben Lewis In a recent appearance on The Rubin Report, economist, social theorist and all around hero Thomas Sowell told host Dave Rubin that one of his only criticisms of the libertarian label is that “Libertarians seem to have this atomistic view of the world, which I think is completely unrealistic, because not only […]

Liberalism Round Two: Bionic Mosquito Edition

UPDATE: BM replied to this and I replied to his reply. ______________________________________ Bionic Mosquito offered interaction with my previous post on liberalism this morning. This was good. It gives me a chance to elaborate, to clarify. What other mosquito do you know of that opens up such tremendous opportunity? I share with my Bionic friend a […]

The Unique Importance of the Tory Anarchist

If ever there was a phrase that deserved more widespread repute in libertarian circles, it is the charming title “Tory Anarchist,” which Murray Rothbard— though not the first to apply it— gave to the likes of H.L. Mencken and Albert Nock in his book The Betrayal of the American Right. What he meant by this phrase, together with a case for its adoption today, are the themes of the present article.

AERC and the Mises Institute: Reflections

As I write this, I am pressed against the window on a four-hour plane ride from Atlanta back to California. And my mind is in constant replay of the remarkable experience I had in Auburn, Alabama. I’m embarrassed to say that this was my first visit to the Mises Institute and I used the Austrian […]

The Memification of Hans Hoppe

This website exists as a humble attempt to promote and explain the Misesian-Rothbardian edifice, to the extent that I understand it and am able to effectively communicate it. With the sole exception of these two intellectual giants, the most able and profound defender of the Austro-Libertarian tradition is, without doubt, their disciple and principled advocated […]

Excerpts from Nisbet's Prevalence of War

The best essay on war in the libertarian tradition is Rothbard’s War, Peace and the State. Another brilliant essay on the matter is Robert Nisbet’s conservative Prevalence of War, which was publish in his The Present Age. I recently read it for the first time in probably 3 years, still impressed by its sweeping insight and observation […]

Antonio Gramsci Libertarians

I continue on my exploratory journey of various hyphenated libertarians.  Working through all that was required to write my most recent post on this topic was most helpful to me in this regard. I offer again my summary thoughts from this post, regarding self-identified “left-libertarians”: This social agenda need not be embraced by all who […]

Thin Libertarianism and Tory Anarchism

Often, the libertarian creed must be restated to self-described libertarians who do not understand the relationship between libertarianism qua political theory and extra-libertarian commitments related to social and cultural concerns. That is to say, as the libertarian movement moves further into a more popular position, there are many libertarians who popularize libertarianism without being precise […]

From the Ancien Regime to the Fabian Socialists and Beyond: The Rise of Statism

The End of the Old Order The 18th century marked a stunning challenge to the millennia of anti-individual and anti-liberty despotism, tyranny, and century-long economic stagnation.  Before this transitional era to the modern systems, societies were defined largely by the decision making power of the ruler in charge.  Such a ruler was especially susceptible to […]

I Love Hans Hoppe!

NO! NOT THAT WAY!  If that’s what I meant, he would have to “physically remove” me from his (virtual) neighborhood! I love his intellect, the way he creates the dots that he thereafter connects, his directness, and his very dry and wonderfully refined sense of humor. It was Hans Hoppe (more precisely, someone who challenged […]

The Vagueness of Words as Cultural Revolution

On the cultural hysteria surrounding issues of race and class warfare, the liberty movement has not gone unscathed. There’s been recent debates about whether or not racism is compatible with libertarianism. So-called “thin libertarians” (so-called because they used to just be, you know, libertarians) are aghast at the idea that there are some self-described libertarians […]

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