On Burying the Politician

Meanderings on the Death of John McCain

Upon first hearing the news of John McCain’s death, my mind immediately jumped to the words of the great libertarian historian Ralph Raico, dismantling the myth of Winston Churchill: When, in a very few years, the pundits start to pontificate on the great question: “Who was the Man of the Century?” there is little doubt […]

Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt

I keep coming back to Paul Gottfried’s excellent book, Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (from here on MPG). As with most of Gottfried’s writings, it is remarkable in its clear, yet nuanced, unfolding of the central themes of our time. Among the most fundamental and prevalent “Dominant Social Themes” (as Anthony Wile of The […]

David Hogg and Political Activeness

Politics is the rejection of self-determination and the handing over of individual decision making to a corrupt and treacherous body of scoundrels to set the path forward for an entire people.

Democratic Socialism and the End of Interventionism

A second group seems to be less radical. They reject socialism no less than capitalism. They recommend a third system, which, as they say, is as far from capitalism as it is from socialism, which as a third system of society’s economic organization, stands midway between the two other systems, and while retaining the advantages […]

Libertarianism is not Egalitarianism

Against Progressivist Libertarianism

Murray Rothbard Versus the Koch Libertarians

The following is an overview and summary, with little contribution of my own, of David Gordon’s three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) on the relationship that Murray Rothbard had with the Koch Brothers. To understand the libertarian movement is immensely beneficial for the libertarian at all stages of development. It teaches the nuances in […]

Progressive Libertarians Against the Old Guard

In this post, I’ll go back to something from my blogging roots: commenting on libertarian movement politics. It’s been too long.  By libertarian movement politics, I do not mean how the Libertarian Party (which is arguably worthless, in my opinion; and has been since the Rothbardian purge) relates to electoral politics in general, nor do I […]

Steve the Insufferable

Impugning motives and ascribing sinister meaning to words is what Nancy MacLean does in her recent book. –Jeff Deist The left-libertarian beltway “liberaltarian” vs. Mises Institute Rothbardian libertarian battle continues. It’s reflective not only in the definition of libertarianism employed by each, the former being far more vague and wishy-washy, but also in the cultural […]

The Works of Murray N. Rothbard

What did Murray Newton Rothbard write about? Wrong question. Right question: what didn’t Murray Rothbard write about? Lew Rockwell, writing the introduction to a collection of Rothbard’s essays written at the end of his life stated: “Summing up the work of Murray N. Rothbard (1926–1995) and noting its stunning range, philosopher David Gordon once wondered […]

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