Political Theory

I Love Hans Hoppe!

NO! NOT THAT WAY!  If that’s what I meant, he would have to “physically remove” me from his (virtual) neighborhood! I love his intellect, the way he creates the dots that he thereafter connects, his directness, and his very dry and wonderfully refined sense of humor. It was Hans Hoppe (more precisely, someone who challenged […]

Progressive Libertarians Against the Old Guard

In this post, I’ll go back to something from my blogging roots: commenting on libertarian movement politics. It’s been too long.  By libertarian movement politics, I do not mean how the Libertarian Party (which is arguably worthless, in my opinion; and has been since the Rothbardian purge) relates to electoral politics in general, nor do I […]

The Works of Murray N. Rothbard

What did Murray Newton Rothbard write about? Wrong question. Right question: what didn’t Murray Rothbard write about? Lew Rockwell, writing the introduction to a collection of Rothbard’s essays written at the end of his life stated: “Summing up the work of Murray N. Rothbard (1926–1995) and noting its stunning range, philosopher David Gordon once wondered […]

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