In Praise of Individualism

The topic of individualism is a tricky one. It used to be (and still is) that individualism was sort of a manipulatory smear word against those who were opposed to collectivism and the propaganda put forth by socialists who pushed the idea that those who did not believe in community ownership or “helping out the […]

Talking Like a Leftist

Left-Libertarians and Their Terminological Obfuscation

Among the various sects of libertarianism, one has been receiving a certain amount of undue attention: left-libertarianism. As an anarcho-capitalist, I have my disagreements with left-libertarians, and am curious as to why they are generating the amount of interest they are. One reason for this may be their mode of communication. Left-libertarians tend to be […]

Anarchism, Minarchism, and the Libertarian Label

This article comes directly from a certain line of reasoning that I see all throughout the libertarian world. I hope that the following article will prove to be a one stop solution and will encourage more nuance in the anarchist/minarchist dichotomy. Let me start here with an overview of the dichotomy as I conceive it. I find that […]

Mises, Hoppe, and Rothbard: On the Foundations of Liberty

Don’t forget to like the Austro-Libertarian Facebook page and Follow on Twitter! The debate over the proper philosophical foundation for economics, ethics, and political theory (which, being focused on the justification for the use of force in society, is a particular application of ethics), are all grounded in the study of knowledge; or, epistemology.  This is […]

We Must Win the Battle of Ideas

Market interventions will inevitably cause more of the problems they are supposed to cure, which leads to more and more controls and regulations until we finally reach full-blown socialism. If the current trend continues, it can safely be predicted that the democratic welfare state of the West will eventually collapse as did the “people’s republics” […]

Democratic Socialism and the End of Interventionism

A second group seems to be less radical. They reject socialism no less than capitalism. They recommend a third system, which, as they say, is as far from capitalism as it is from socialism, which as a third system of society’s economic organization, stands midway between the two other systems, and while retaining the advantages […]

Walter Block's Misunderstanding of Hans Hoppe: In Defense of Hoppe

Libertarianism is a “thin” political theory. It specifically deals with the issue of the proper role of aggression in inter-personal relations. It often helpfully summarized by the so-called Non-Agression Principle (NAP). The implications of this doctrine can be deduced from the Principle. As has been discussed here before, there are some who consider libertarianism to […]

The Works of Murray N. Rothbard

What did Murray Newton Rothbard write about? Wrong question. Right question: what didn’t Murray Rothbard write about? Lew Rockwell, writing the introduction to a collection of Rothbard’s essays written at the end of his life stated: “Summing up the work of Murray N. Rothbard (1926–1995) and noting its stunning range, philosopher David Gordon once wondered […]

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