Governance as a Role vs. the State as an Entity

The solution to the problem of social order.

The following essay seeks to address the foundations of civil order and the mechanisms by which the civil order is enforced.  It is highly influenced by an essay from Hans-Hermann Hoppe entitled “State or Private-Law Society.” The Problem The necessity of an institution which enforces legal property boundaries and punishes criminals that act outside of the parameters […]

Socialism: Clarifications and Elaborations

A broad understanding of the distinctions and flavors of socialist movements

As recently explained in numerous posts, socialism is best defined as the public ownership of the means of production (that is to say, social democrats are not socialists). A prerequisite aspect of a system that wants to be accurately characterized as socialist, is that it must first figure out a way to transition from private […]

True Socialism: Has It Been Tried Yet?

Many people active on Twitter have come across, in one way or another the Twitter account for The Socialist Party of Great Britain. One of their primary themes is apparently searching for uses of the word “socialism” and then responding that “X is not true socialism because socialism is the public ownership of the means […]

Economic Coup D'etat and German Guilt at the Dawn of the Euro

When the West’s Bretton Woods monetary agreement (see Phase V here) fell to pieces in the late 1960s, the time was ripe for the European socialists to pursue their vision for a single European currency that would be used by as many countries as possible. Because governments love fiat money that can be printed up at […]

Why Non-Interventionists Opposed American Entry into World War II

A Non-Interventionist Appraisal of World War II, Part 1

Excerpts from Nisbet's Prevalence of War

The best essay on war in the libertarian tradition is Rothbard’s War, Peace and the State. Another brilliant essay on the matter is Robert Nisbet’s conservative Prevalence of War, which was publish in his The Present Age. I recently read it for the first time in probably 3 years, still impressed by its sweeping insight and observation […]

Murray Rothbard: The Origins of the Old Right

Taken from Rothbard’s Betrayal of the American Right. Right now, it’s only $9 in the Mises store. _____________________________ The Old Right, which constituted the American right wing from approximately the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, was, if nothing else, an Opposition movement. Hostility to the Establishment was its hallmark, its very lifeblood. In fact, when in the 1950s […]

The World Wars as a Great Civil War— The Collapse of the West

There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom. —Garet Garrett While this elegant string of words was […]

Nixon and the Political Power Paradigm in America

I noticed the following paragraph while reading Roger Stone’s book on Richard Nixon (my bold): “Although late to see the GOP’s lurch to the right under Goldwater and the power shift in the party from the eastern establishment [to] the Sunbelt conservatives, once he comprehended it, Nixon would court and nail down the right as a prelude to […]

From the Ancien Regime to the Fabian Socialists and Beyond: The Rise of Statism

The End of the Old Order The 18th century marked a stunning challenge to the millennia of anti-individual and anti-liberty despotism, tyranny, and century-long economic stagnation.  Before this transitional era to the modern systems, societies were defined largely by the decision making power of the ruler in charge.  Such a ruler was especially susceptible to […]

Murray Rothbard Versus the Koch Libertarians

The following is an overview and summary, with little contribution of my own, of David Gordon’s three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) on the relationship that Murray Rothbard had with the Koch Brothers. To understand the libertarian movement is immensely beneficial for the libertarian at all stages of development. It teaches the nuances in […]

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