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In Praise of Individualism

The topic of individualism is a tricky one. It used to be (and still is) that individualism was sort of a manipulatory smear word against those who were opposed to collectivism and the propaganda put forth by socialists who pushed the idea that those who did not believe in community ownership or “helping out the […]

Joe Salerno on Hans Sennholz

In a 2011 interview, The Daily Bell asked Joe Salerno about Hans Sennholz. Here was his answer: Daily Bell: Why do you think so highly of Hans Sennholz? Why was he under-appreciated? Dr. Joseph Salerno: I greatly admire the work of the late Hans Sennholz because he embodied so well the virtues and skills of […]

Reisman: "Social democrats should stop calling themselves socialists."

George Reisman is out with a new ebook, a long essay– which most of his ebooks are essentially– on Marxism/socialism. While Reisman isn’t a Misesian purist, especially in the Rothbardian tradition of Mises interpretation, I nevertheless think he is an immensely important contributor in the greater Austrian economic framework. He echoes something I have been communicating […]

UBI and Other Wealth Transfer Schemes

When it comes to Universal Basic Income and other attempts to use government as a medium of wealth transfers, most opponents simply focus on the classical “incentive problem” (that is, if you subsidize non-productivity, you will keep it in existence). However, besides the incentive problem, which is of course a legitimate concern, the much more serious […]

Marxism, Reformism, and Interventionism

One of the points that I made in my previous article on socialism is that the Orthodox Marxists define socialism as the situation in which there is public (community) ownership of the means of production. Since historically labelled socialist regimes (Stalin, Venezuela) do not match this definition and because the means of production were controlled […]

Raimondo skewers Charles Koch

The wonderful Justin Raimondo, a defender of the Old Guard libertarians, has a nice, sizable column on Charles Koch and his “low tax liberalism” flavor of libertarianism in the Spectator USA. Definitely worth the read.

"True Socialism" and the State: A Follow-Up

Quick note: I’ve decided to shift the blog section of the site from a separate subdomain to the main site, in its own category. So all future articles will show up at AustroLibertarian.com. As a followup to my article yesterday on the meaning of socialism, I want to make a quick comment on the idea of […]

H.L. Mencken on the Government's Money and Services

HL Mencken from his article More of the Same, original published in the American Mercury in 1925: When a private citizen is robbed a worthy man is deprived of the fruits of his industry and thrift; when the government is robbed the worst that happens is that certain rogues and loafers have less money to […]

Gerard Casey and Murray Rothbard on the Nature of the State

Casey doesn’t mess around: States are criminal organizations. All states, not just the obviously totalitarian or repressive ones. […] I intend this statement to be understood literally and not as some form of rhetorical exaggeration. The argument is simple. Theft, robbery, kidnapping and murder are all crimes. Those who engage in such activities, whether on […]

Paul Gottfried Dissents from the Thought Controllers

“Media elites decide what “we as a people” should or shouldn’t be. Who asked you?” —Gottfried.

I, Customer: Blind Sheep Edition

I commented on a Wall Street Journal article which was about the fact that Apple Music subscribers were set to surpass Spotify subscribers in the US. Seeing the number of anti-Apple leftists commenting, and having a couple minutes to spare, I laid the bait: I love Apple in every way. Can’t get enough of their products. […]

Excerpt from Mises' Biography

I like this first part of the preface of Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism, brilliantly researched and written by Jorg Guido Hulsmann. It really captures Hulsmann’s appreciation for Mises, and touches on Mises’ contributions to the freedom philosophy. IN THE SUMMER OF 1940, with Hitler’s troops moving through France to encircle Switzerland, Ludwig von […]

Rights Have Supremacy Over the "Will of the People"

Left wing populists, such as the increasingly followed Robert Reich, have recognized that the US economic and political system is basically controlled by the well-connected elite. These corrupt persons operate on the framework of leveraging the Federal government for their own economic and political empowerment. However, by not having a proper understanding of rights and […]

Announcing: Austro Libertarian Podcast

Here’s everything you need to know. I’m pleased to announce that Austro Libertarian now has a podcast. The format is simple: myself and a cohost, Ben Lewis, will conduct interviews and conversations relating to Austro Libertarian ideas and themes, sometimes perhaps current event commentary. We welcome suggestions and feedback. In fact, I’m considering adding a […]

Cathy Newman and the Unconstrained Vision

Been thinking about one particular moment in the the Peterson-Newman standoff, in which Newman is questioning Peterson about why there are more male CEOs in the FTSE 100. Part of the reason for this, Peterson explains, is that men tend to have a personality better suited for adapting to the fierce nature of big business competition. […]

Not a Good Summary of Libertarianism

Here is a sentiment, often seen in Facebook comments, that does not accurately reflect libertarianism, though it is portrayed to: “As a libertarian, I don’t care what he does.” To clarify, this is not exactly what the libertarian qua libertarianism should say. Here is what it should say: “As a libertarian, I don’t believe he […]

Tom Woods and Margit von Mises Remember Betinna

The liberty movement lost a hero this week in the death of Bettina Bien Greaves. She was key –vital– to the legacy of Ludwig von Mises. Here is Margit von Mises, reflecting on Bettina in Mrs. Mises’ biography: Then there was Bettina Bien, now Bettina Bien-Greaves. She first came to the seminar in 1951 and […]

Should Rand's Attacker Face Federal Charges?

Rand Paul’s neighbor, who physically attacked Paul last year, damaging lungs and ribs, is now facing federal charges. This is because Paul is a Senator. This could mean up to 10 years in prison and $250k fine. Although it looks like prosecutors are seeking a 21-month sentence. Sympathetic as some libertarians might be for Paul, […]

Jordan Peterson, Hero

You’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the existence of a rising challenger to the modern intellectual status quo, Jordan Peterson. Peterson, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology in Canada has really impressed me with his latest interview, which is making the rounds online. It took me a while […]

Culture, Decentralization, and the Libertarian Movement

In a recent article discussing the differences and nuances between two schools of “libertarian” (broadly conceived) thought, I pointed out that the camp to which I don’t belong (which includes Reason, Cato, SFL, and the Libertarian Party –and other “beltway libertarian” groups) was far less focused on principle and more on “keeping government competent,” which […]

The Hoppean Stamp of Approval

Hans Hoppe is out with a new miniature essay, titled “On Getting Libertarian Right.” Libertarianism as a movement, he says, has been corrupted by the same disease plaguing Western Civilization in general: cultural leftism. There are those, the popular branches, operating under the phrase libertarian but who misconstrue our beloved doctrine into an egalitarian mess. […]

Crime is in Terms of the Individual

Crimes are those actions which have as their victims actual individual human beings. There is no abstract “crime against society” as the Progressives want you to think; nor is there a “crime against the state” as fascists want you to think. Rather, a crime is something which actually aggresses the person or property of one’s […]

Watching Iran

The US and Israeli governments have long wanted an excuse to militarily confront Iran, but it’s been a difficult situation. Now that there seems to be a popular uprising, a sudden collection of intense protests which even include some deaths, the Iranian government is under pressure to make zero mistakes. Any misstep could initiate foreign […]

Anti-German Propaganda and the Roots of Western Messianism

The title of this post certainly promises more than the post delivers. But after my previous excerpt on the matter of Churchill, I was motivated to follow it up with a few miscellaneous thoughts I’ve had as of recent. First, Hoppe mentioned in his celebration of Murray Rothbard earlier this year, that the two of […]

Churchill as Man of the State

There’s been a lot of Churchill lately. I’ve been watching The Crown on Netflix and of course post-WWII Churchill is a key character. There’s also the new film Darkest Hour, which is about the heroism of early Churchill, during the Hitler years. In preparation for going to see the latter movie, I’ve opened the great […]

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