Harvey Weinstein: The Back Story

You know the story: The New York Times last week broke the story of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s long record of sexual harassment. This had been going on for thirty years or more.  How could no one know the story? But of course people knew about Harvey Weinstein. Like the New York Times, for instance. […]

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Keynes as Convenient Justifier of State Power

Mises makes a great point on the role John Keynes’ works played with respect to justifying state power. Rothbard (and Hoppe) later extrapolated on this theme, and I think it is important to remember. In sum, “academics” like Keynes merely offer to the politicians exactly what they wanted to hear: that the accumulation of increased […]

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On the Arrested Nurse Incident

The trending news over the weekend was the nurse who was arrested for refusing to submit to the cop’s threats and demands that she draw blood from a patient. As she stated in the video that circled the internet, the written law was on her side as medical professionals are only allowed to draw blood […]

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The Fed Works Against the Trend of the Free Market

Bloomberg notes: Amazon’s plans to cut prices at Whole Foods is great news for shoppers, but not so much for Federal Reserve officials wondering whether they’ll ever hit their 2 percent inflation target. The Fed should not be in the business of targeting price inflation. Prices adjust in accordance with consumer demand and producer’s supply. […]

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Redefining Libertarianism: Insufferable Steve Edition

Insufferable Steve Horowitz is at it again. Last time, he smeared Jeff Deist as a literal Nazi. Now, he’s redefining libertarianism, though this is hardly the first time. He’s a thick libertarian– a libertarian who wants to add to the definition of our beloved theory, in order to add in his own preferences and passions. […]

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Ugh, Doolittle.

Curt Doolittle is the worst. Primarily because he owns, but is the worst propertarian I’ve ever come across (for the record, I love the word propertarian, and wish it hadn’t taken the domain– humph!). If it wasn’t for that, I would ignore him completely. He has profoundly and impressively misunderstood nearly everyone in the Austro-libertarian […]

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Why is it the Mises Institute and not the Hayek Institute?

Hans-Hermann Hoppe very clearly explains in this article.  Below is an excerpt: My thesis is that Hayek’s greater prominence has little if anything to do with his economics. There is little difference in Mises’s and Hayek’s economics. Indeed, most economic ideas associated with Hayek were originated by Mises, and this fact alone would make Mises […]

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The Alt-Right and Conservatism

In immediately distancing themselves from the so-called “alt-right,” many of its Republican critics are distinguishing between the Respectable Right and this “alt-right.” The respectable right, apparently, includes those who have committed mass war crimes and national level extortion rackets (IRS). That is, it is just fine and acceptable for a conservative to be on the […]

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When You Make Bees Angry, They Sting

The internet is ablaze with posts and reports on the so-called Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. The emphasis in the news, of course, is the presence of Nazis, White Nationalists, and KKKers, though to the extent to which these are actually dominating the rally is unknown– never trust the media and their vague phraseology. […]

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Thank You, Google

Google engineer James Damore wrote a ten-page memo (PDF), titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”  Google fired him. You know all about the contents already.  To make a long story short, he suggests… …that biological differences could help explain the gender gap in tech employment in Silicon Valley, and criticized Google’s policy of silencing discussion on […]

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The Intolerant Scam of Diversity

I stopped by my local library today to see that they have a table devoted to “diversity.”  I decided to browse the books they had on display, but I noticed nothing that suggested “diversity.”  To the contrary I noticed a theme of “unity” around various left-wing, liberal crusade-type issues.  For example, the “diversity” table had […]

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Paul Gottfried on Insufferable Steve vs. Ron Paul

Paul Gottfried: I’m also not surprised that CATO and Horwitz have been raging against Ron Paul as well as Jeff Deist. Why wouldn’t they? Unlike his left-libertarian critics, the former Texas Congressman harks back philosophically to the American Right before its Buckleyite reformulation in the 1950s. Paul not only favors free markets and the gold […]

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Steve the Insufferable

Impugning motives and ascribing sinister meaning to words is what Nancy MacLean does in her recent book. –Jeff Deist The left-libertarian beltway “liberaltarian” vs. Mises Institute Rothbardian libertarian battle continues. It’s reflective not only in the definition of libertarianism employed by each, the former being far more vague and wishy-washy, but also in the cultural […]

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