Hoppe on Milton Friedman and the Drift Toward Statism

From Natural Elites, Intellectuals, and the State: This seemingly unstoppable drift toward statism is illustrated by the fate of the so-called Chicago School: Milton Friedman, his predecessors, and his followers. In the 1930s and 1940s, the Chicago School was still considered left-fringe, and justly so, considering that Friedman, for instance, advocated a central bank and […]

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The Very Best H.L Mencken Quotes

Mencken was one of the most important social critics and columnists in American history. His prose and ability to craft remarkable sentences are now of legend.  He was well known for covering the Scopes trial (it is popularly known as the “monkey trial” –this was Mencken’s doing). Here is Murray Rothbard’s essay on Mencken: “H.L. […]

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FINALLY! The History of Economic Thought, part 2

So much of my understanding of economics has come directly from digging into the details of its development over time. It’s amazing what a better grasp of something one can receive by learning the roots of the theory, the context from which is sprung, and the debates our intellectual forefathers had with their opponents. Studying […]

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Property theory proves its usefulness in another field: Computer programming

Property exists, according to Hans-Hermann Hoppe, to avoid conflicts over scarce resources. Property allows human beings to avoid constantly fighting each other over the same plot of land, the same cow, or the same hammer. Someone is the owner, and there’s a protocol for the legitimate transfer of title from one person to the next. A simple […]

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The Rulers in a Propertarian Society

If a ruler is one who has the legal claim to setting the “rules” of a given jurisdiction, then logically the property owner is a ruler over all that he owns.  And further, if the ideal libertarian society can be described as a “Propertarian” society, that is, a society made up only of privately-owned property […]

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H.L. Mencken on Envy and Democracy

Mencken: No doubt my distaste for democracy as a political theory is, like every other human prejudice, due to an inner lack-to a defect that is a good deal less in the theory than in myself. In this case it is very probably my incapacity for envy. That emotion, or weakness, or whatever you choose to […]

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Long-Term Capital Effects of Taxation

From The Economics and Ethics of Private Property Taxation is a coercive, non-contractual transfer of definite physical assets (nowadays mostly, but not exclusively money), and the value embodied in them, from a person or group of persons who first held these assets and who could have derived an income from further holding them, to another, […]

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The mask is coming off on "tax reform"

It seems to me the current tax reform brouhaha plays right into the Bastiat or Rothbard analysis of the state: It’s a machine of legal plunder, and various interest groups compete to aim the mugger’s gun at their enemies to reward their friends. You can see this in how strenuously and uncharacteristically Democrats object to […]

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Catalonia votes to secede, crushing reprisal at 11

In cases like this, the adage “If you love something, let it go,” holds true. A friendly and mutually enriching relationship is certainly possible if the Spanish side can bring themselves to stop trying to coerce Catalans to conform. Unfortunately Spain can’t see it that way. It’s looking like they’ll treat this as an insurrection […]

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Quote from Guido Hulsmann's Mises Biography

Guido Hulsmann’s massive biography of Ludwig von Mises, entitled “Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism” is a real gem. Liberalism in the title, of course, refers to the Old Liberalism, or classical liberalism, (pre-American Progressivist/socialist “liberalism.”) which taught the freedom of the individual against statism and political power– and more importantly at a historical level, developed the […]

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Looking For Blog Contributors

My vision for the AustroLibertarian website is to have the primary site be dedicated to longer articles, published 3-5 per week which has at its content longer contributions and reflections on a range of political, economic, and sociological issues. I also have ideas for some media efforts, which will come soon. For now, I am […]

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There's No Difference Between a Kind Capitalism and a Greedy Capitalism

I’m responding specifically to sentiments I’ve seen expressed in the conservative world as of recent. I’ve noticed there’s been a large injection lately of attempts to piously criticize a sort of “greedy” or “profit-oriented” capitalism. All of this is nonsense on stilts, built on the foundation of what Mises called the “Anti-capitalist mentality.” It is […]

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Only Individuals Can Be Victims

Crimes are those actions which have as their victims actual individual human beings. There is no abstract “crime against society” as the Progressives want you to think; nor is there a “crime against the state” as fascists want you to think. Rather, a crime is something which actually aggresses the person or property of another […]

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