CJay Engel
CJay Engel
Creator and Editor of Austro Libertarian. Lives in Northern CA, runs several businesses, spends time with his family, and reads as much economics and political theory as possible.

Our Path Forward

Miscellaneous Observations on Hans Hoppe, Marxism, and Strategy

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a libertarian par excellence, embodies the tendency I tried to articulate in my essay on Tory Anarchism. There, I wrote: The tory anarchist then is one who not only takes up a radical position on the nature of the state (as well as its right to exist), but he also carries with it a demeanor of […]

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Why Americans Clamor for Socialism

If every time the government intervenes (known as economic interventionism) into the broader economy there is an eventual wave of resulting economic pain, and if the political and academic classes continue to describe our system as free market or capitalistic, then the entirely predictable result is a mass embrace of socialism as the solution to […]

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Socialist Propaganda and The Plight of Underdeveloped Nations

Mises: "The socialists and interventionists of the West have poisoned the mind of the East."

Mises’ article on “The Plight of Underdeveloped Nations” makes an insightful observation regarding the sad impact of western socialist propaganda on underdeveloped nations— especially during the mid-twentieth century increases of worldwide awareness and globalization. As he points out, the very possibility of “foreign investment” originated when the capitalists of wealthier nations saw profit opportunities in […]

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Economic Analysis and the Limits of Empirical Data and Model Driven Conclusions

Mises: "Economics is not only not derived from experience, it is even impossible to verify its theorems by appeal to experience."

We live in the age of the anti-apriori; a complete rejection of any theory which exists independent of “the data.” This refusal to embrace or even consider the importance of theory advertises itself as a commitment to “evidence,” “hard-facts,” and independence from ideologies and biased interpretations. Any attempt to challenge the usefulness of “facts” independent […]

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Bohm-Bawerk Against Marxian Exploitation Theory

As Mises predicted, government interventionism has wrought economic pain for the very people groups it was intended to benefit. This economic pain has, also predictably, resulted in a growing voice amongst an agitated public against capitalism, or at least what they perceive it to be. In its stead, many of the themes and narratives of […]

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Epater le Bourgeois!

Epater le Bourgeois is, as Charles Burris phrases it, “the revolutionary rallying cry of the left.” It is French and it is translated to mean “shock the bourgeoisie.” To make it more applicable to our setting, the strategy can be slightly altered to be “shock the middle classes.” The Oxford Reference site expands on this […]

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The Aleatory Contract: A Definitional Comment on Fractional Reserve Banking

This post is intended to be a quick note, and in no way a complete investigation into the matter. As I have elaborated in extensive detail in the past, modern defenders of fractional reserve banking (who go by the phrase “free bankers”) are, whether they know it or not, defending something referred to as an […]

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The People's Poverty: Democracy as the New Face of Socialism

The last several articles I have posted here have been reflections on the variants of socialism: both traditional marxism and reformism. I have observed that the orthodox marxists are adamant in their opposition to deviations from revolutionary attempts to establish a system of the public ownership of the means of production. However, the fact of […]

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Mises: Socialists are Against Economic Interventionism

In a further expansion of my recent posts on Marxism and socialism (here, here, and here), I want to quote from Mises himself on a particular matter that will certainly enlighten. In my previous posts, I have tried to explain that not all those who carry the label “socialist” are actually socialist in a meaningful […]

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UBI and Other Wealth Transfer Schemes

When it comes to Universal Basic Income and other attempts to use government as a medium of wealth transfers, most opponents simply focus on the classical “incentive problem” (that is, if you subsidize non-productivity, you will keep it in existence). However, besides the incentive problem, which is of course a legitimate concern, the much more serious […]

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Anarchism, Minarchism, and the Libertarian Label

This article comes directly from a certain line of reasoning that I see all throughout the libertarian world. I hope that the following article will prove to be a one stop solution and will encourage more nuance in the anarchist/minarchist dichotomy. Let me start here with an overview of the dichotomy as I conceive it. I find that […]

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Marxism, Reformism, and Interventionism

One of the points that I made in my previous article on socialism is that the Orthodox Marxists define socialism as the situation in which there is public (community) ownership of the means of production. Since historically labelled socialist regimes (Stalin, Venezuela) do not match this definition and because the means of production were controlled […]

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Raimondo skewers Charles Koch

The wonderful Justin Raimondo, a defender of the Old Guard libertarians, has a nice, sizable column on Charles Koch and his “low tax liberalism” flavor of libertarianism in the Spectator USA. Definitely worth the read. CJay EngelCreator and Editor of Austro Libertarian. Lives in Northern CA, runs several businesses, spends time with his family, and […]

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