Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis
Ben lives in Ohio and his blog is The Great Fiction

Thomas Sowell on “Atomistic” Libertarians

By Ben Lewis In a recent appearance on The Rubin Report, economist, social theorist and all around hero Thomas Sowell told host Dave Rubin that one of his only criticisms of the libertarian label is that “Libertarians seem to have this atomistic view of the world, which I think is completely unrealistic, because not only […]

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Why Non-Interventionists Opposed American Entry into World War II

A Non-Interventionist Appraisal of World War II, Part 1

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George Kennan and Hayek's Knowledge Problem

In 1950, George Kennan delivered a series of lectures on American diplomacy since the turn of the twentieth century. These lectures would later appear in book form, appropriately titled American Diplomacy. In the opening of his lecture on American policy in the Far East, he paused to specifically disclaim any specialized knowledge about that region, […]

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Against the "There oughta be a law" Crowd

In The Law, Frederic Bastiat talked about the tendency for socialists (which, by his definition, would include a large majority of Americans) to conflate government and society. Bastiat reminded his readers that just because someone says that he doesn’t want the state to do something doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want anyone to do it.  […]

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John Hersey and the Human Cost of Hiroshima

In August of 1946, as Americans celebrated the one-year anniversary of the end of World War II, The New Yorker magazine devoted an entire weekly edition to the remembrance of one of that war’s final events, the atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The magazine, which would typically have featured several articles by different […]

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